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Appilo comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts.

App Landing 01 (Main demo)
App Landing Modern
App Landing 03
App Landing 07
Portfolio/Resume 2
Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing/Agency
IT Solution 2
IT Solution
Digital Agency
Startup Agency
SaaS Classic
SaaS Modern
App Landing 04
Pos Software
Seo Software
Home Live Chat
CRM Software
Web Application
Email Marketing
Cyber Security
App Landing 06
App Landing 05
Software Management
Social Media Marketing
HR Management
CR Management
SEO/Digital Marketing
Agency Landing 01
Portfolio/Resume 01
Product Landing 01
Cloud Hosting 1
Cloud Hosting 2
Cloud Hosting 3
Dark Version Demo
App Showcase Dark
Dark Version Demo
Saas Classic Dark
Dark Version Demo
Digital Agency Dark
Dark Version Demo
Startup Agency Dark
RTL Version Demo
Appilo Main RTL
RTL Version Demo
App Showcase RTL
RTL Version Demo
Digital Agency RTL
RTL Version Demo
SaaS Classic RTL
Our awesome services

We’ve handpicked the best high quality t
manual link submission websites!

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are online platforms that allow users to submit and share links to interesting web pages, helping to increase visibility and reach.

High Authority Directory Submission Sites

High authority directory submission sites are reputable online directories where users can submit their website links to gain valuable backlinks and improve their search engine rankings.

Business Listing Sites

Business listing sites are platforms specifically designed for businesses to submit their information, including website links, to increase online visibility, attract potential customers, and improve local search engine rankings.

Classified Ads Submission Sites

Classified ads submission platforms offer a means for users to create and publish advertisements, enabling the inclusion of backlinks to drive traffic, enhance online presence, and generate leads.

Image Submission Sites

Image submission sites are platforms that allow users to upload and share images, providing an opportunity to include backlinks to their websites, enhancing visibility, and driving traffic through visual content.

Other Link Submission Sites

And other manual link submission sites like, Image submission sites, Search engine submission sites, Article submission sites, Document submission sites, Video submission sites, Infographic submission sites, and Guest posting sites


Our best pricing to
give you offer!

  • Total 20 Backlinks
  • High DA domains
  • Low Spam Score
  • Website Traffic
  • 100% DO - Follow Backlinks
Basic ₹100
  • Total 50 Backlinks
  • High DA domains
  • Low Spam Score
  • Website Traffic
  • 100% DO - Follow Backlinks
Geek ₹150
  • Total 100 Backlinks
  • High DA domains
  • Low Spam Score
  • Website Traffic
  • 100% DO - Follow Backlinks
Business ₹200
  • Total 200 Backlinks
  • High DA domains
  • Low Spam Score
  • Website Traffic
  • 100% DO - Follow Backlinks
Pro ₹350
  • Total 500 Backlinks
  • High DA domains
  • Low Spam Score
  • Website Traffic
  • 100% DO - Follow Backlinks

High DA Do-follow Backlink Sites

Submitting your website link to High DA Do-Follow backlink sites will increase your website domain authority and easily improve your Search Engine Ranking Pages.

Google Algorithm Friendly Link Submissions Sites

We’ve spent years to handpick the right backlink submission sites that will improve your search engine rankings and are also algorithm friendly.

Our awesome features

Improve your SERP Page Ranking to by 5x

Backlink submission helps to increase websites SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) Page Rankings. But there are some factors to consider while submitting backlinks to Manual Link Submission Sites.

High Domain Authority Sites

Our link submission sites are high domain authority with Do-follow links. This will help you to increase your website Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Low Spam Score

We’ve handpicked and tested all the sites manually. So, the link submission sites we’ve provided all have very low spam scores which helps in SEO.

Manual Link Submission

We have provided high-quality manual link submission sites, you can instantly submit your site link to these high authority link submission sites to get backlinks to your site.

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Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

A Backlink is simply called a hyperlink, an incoming link from another website (other than your website) to your website. The high quantity and high-quality hyperlinks to your site can help to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

There are two types of backlinks that your need to know: Do-Follow Backlink No-Follow Backlink
Backlinks are so crucial for websites to rank higher on Search Engines like Google. They act as “Votes” from other websites. When a high authority website links to your content, search engines view it as a signal of quality and authority. Backlinks help to improve your search engine visibility and increase search rankings. They indicate your content is more valuable and trustworthy. So, you are more likely to rank high on search engines which help increase website organic traffic. These hyperlinks from other sites help to increase website traffic and enhance your website authority. Embrace do-follow backlinks for better SEO rankings.
On-page SEO is a practice of optimizing our web page content for search engines. It includes practices like keyword optimization, meta title, meta description, internal linking, and external linking. On-page SEO plays a vital role because it helps search engines understand your website and web page accurately. This SEO Practice helps to improve website visibility, search engine rankings, and user experience.
Do-follow links are essential; They signal search engines to crawl and index your site on SERP Page, boosting its visibility in search results. These hyperlinks from other sites help to increase website traffic and enhance your website authority. Embrace do-follow backlinks for better SEO rankings.
Backlinks act as a vote for search engine eyes. They indicate that your content is valuable and trustworthy. So, the higher backlinks you have, the higher you will rank on SERP Page Rankings by dominating sites that have low backlinks.
Choosing a low-spam score site for submitting backlinks is necessary for effective SEO. Low spam score sites are valuable and trusted by search engines and have a high likelihood of ranking well. Backlinks from such websites are high quality, improving website authority, and improving search visibility. By avoiding spammy sites, you reduce the risk of penalties from search engines and maintain a strong online reputation.
A Manual backlink submission site is a platform or directory where individuals or website owners manually submit backlinks pointing to their websites. Manual submission sites, as opposed to automated or spammy backlink production methods, focus on guaranteeing the quality and relevancy of the backlinks. Users are often required to follow specified criteria and manually input their backlink information on these platforms. Manual backlink submission helps in building high-quality, natural links that search engines value.

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